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Flock Freight - Client Recruitment Video Production

Every brand’s story is unique.

Every brand’s story is unique.


More than freight.

Production Request

Where shippers pay less and carriers earn more.

Flock Freight needed a recruiting video campaign to attract employees to their Chicago location. 

Work-life balance —

Our Approach

Our key goal was to create a script and production plan that would allow us to tell the story of the key values and benefits of the Flock Freight experience through the first hand experience of the actual employees. We accomplished this with a mix of key preparation, as well as direction on set. Post-production, we combined the testimonials with a mix of b-roll in office and on the road to capture the true spirit of Flock Freight.

  • Company Story Video Production

  • Creative concepting

  • Storyboarding

  • Production

  • Aerial Cinematography

  • Color grading &  sound mixing

  • Motion Graphics

  • Music Composition

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