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John Lewis - mini-documentary video production Nashville, Tennessee

Every brand’s story is unique.

Every brand’s story is unique.


A Civil Rights Giant

Production Request

American Civil Rights Leader and Politician.

The late Congressman John Lewis came to American Baptist College as a young 17-year-old boy from Troy, Alabama, and graduated from American Baptist College with a degree in Theology in 1961, while participating in numerous Civil Rights activities. Upon his death, American Baptist College wanted to create a mini-documentary to play at his Nashville, TN memorial service.

Get in Good Trouble —

Our Approach

We created a story by interviewing key members of the Nashville Lunch Counter Sit-in to tell the direct impact John Lewis had on the civil rights movement. We collected historical b-roll, photos, and locations that were relevant to the Good Trouble John Lewis organized to showcase his impact on America.

  • Documentary Video Production

  • Creative concepting

  • Storyboarding

  • Aerial Cinematography

  • Color grading &  sound mixing

  • Motion Graphics

  • Music Composition

  • Script Development

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