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Every brand’s story is unique.

Every brand’s story is unique.


Personalized &
Compassionate Care

Production Request

Focus on what matters most in life.

Monogram Health hired us to partner with them to create a  testimonial video that highlights the impact Monogram has on the patients they serve. The target audience for this video is their clients, health care providers.

Industry Leading Outcomes —

Our Approach

We work with the client to identify a patient who had a  compelling  story with the mission to humanize the  healthcare experience. When we went into the patient’s  home and into the editing room, we were looking through the lens of how to bring our viewers inside the life of real patients, real health care workers and the true thoughtfulness that resides in the personalized health care made possible by Monogram Health.

  • Testimonial Video Production

  • Creative Direction

  • Production

  • Color grading &  sound mixing

  • Music Composition

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