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The Dream Initiative Education Content Production Nashville

Every brand’s story is unique.

Every brand’s story is unique.

The Dream

Decreasing recidivism through education & mentorship.

Production Request

Restoration, renewal, growth & success for returning citizens.

The DREAM Initiative (DREAMi) is an education development and transition support company focused on increasing the likelihood of success of returning citizens.

A second chance —

Our Approach

Our team work directly with returning citizen and CEO of DREAMi, Robert Sherrill to capture his story. We wanted this to have a feel a tone that captivated the audience while shedding light on the importance of programs like this. Setting the stage for the foundational interview in an environment that had such an impact on Mr. Sherrill was a key element to our approach.

  • Company Story Video Production

  • Creative Concepting

  • Storyboarding

  • Production

  • Aerial Cinematography

  • Color grading &  sound mixing

  • Motion Graphics

  • Music Composition

Behind the Scenes
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