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Every brand’s story is unique.

Every brand’s story is unique.


A Disney Legend

Production Request

4 animated shorts.
8 feature films.

Lipscomb University, George Shinn College of Entertainment & the Arts wanted to highlight their animation department through one of their Artists in Residence, Tom Bancroft. 

Hakuna Matata —

Our Approach

We let Tom’s experience, approach to animation, and clear passion for the work drive the majority of the video rather than explicitly talking up the benefits of the animation department so that students can be inspired by the people they get an opportunity to learn from. Additionally, we wanted to show Tom’s actual work process and the authentic environment in which he spends most of his time.

  • Educational Video Production

  • Interview Preparation 

  • Production

  • B-Roll Capture

  • Color grading and sound mixing

  • Music Composition

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